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Public mugshots – Identity theft

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Hi there, Yvan here and I just would like to share a story with you about why I believe everyone should do a background check on someone you just met, or someone you are planning on getting to know better, because you just may find a public mugshots of them online.

Have you ever see a movie about a nice woman who met this guy who turned out to be a pretty dangerous fellow? Well this is a reality and it happens more offend that you think and when it does happen there is no Hollywood ending if you know what I mean.

In these times that we live in there are more and more cases of people stealing someone’s Identity and entering into the lives of an unsuspecting family. You would think that people would become more cautious and find ways to conduct an criminal records check on people that they don’t know by now. But the truth is that people for the most part trust what people say based on how someone present their selves unless a person has encountered a incident which has caused them to be skeptical.

The very reason you are reading this website is because you have good reasons to do a background investigation. Either someone has wronged you, deceived you or something worse. Let me get into why I put this website together. First I shall start with some stats; 27,000 people are victims of Identity theft every day and 3.5 million children have become victims of Identity theft to date. Now how would you feel if someone that you just met came into your life with the purpose to steal yours or your child’s Identity to commit all kinds of evil in this stolen name? Well this is happening at a rapid rate today.

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Now for the story I wanted to share with you. There is a women who as 4 children and she is the sole bread winner for her home. She was driving home from work one evening and was speeding a bit because she was running late to pick up her children and was pulled over by the police. What happened next was the beginning of a nightmare that is still happening today.

She was arrested and was taken to jail for an outstanding warrant for drug charges; but here is the thing… she was innocent. Someone who stole her Identity committed a crime that was a felony was never caught but this innocent mother was the one left to deal with this crime. It was later found out that it was not her who committed this crime but the damage was already done.

Now like I said this was just the beginning of a nightmare that still troubles her to this day. She was later arrested again in another county for the something and this time the police said that they would take care if it and clear her name but on seven other occasions she was arrested even having her door was kicked; needless to say the police were unable to restore her identity.

There are countless situations like this, ranging from a new neighbor taking photos of your mail and using this information to create, or sell someone’s identity, even opening bank accounts, buying homes, cars, you name it.

So what should you do?

Well you may do a police records search on anyone you don’t feel is right and you just can find their public mugshots. Why should you want to do that? Think of it this way identity thieves are looking for someone’s Identity to steal right? If you are able to find out who somebody is by doing a criminal records check, or an arrest search online before they have a chance to steal an Identity you can prevent yourself from being the victim.

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Sorry to say this story does not have a happy ending and as I stated before many other people are in situations in which they have someone in their lives that can be a person who has stolen someone’s Identity of can be looking to steal yours. Stay alert and cautions do what companies do before they hire a new employee do a background check.

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